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Public Hearing in Serbian Parliament on Child and Adolescent Health

UNICEF Serbia / 2007
© UNICEF Serbia / 2007
Judita Reichenberg, UNICEF Area Representative (second from left) at the public hearing in Belgrade.

Belgrade, Serbia (December 11, 2007)

As result of a cooperation between the Serbian Parliamentary Board for Health and Family and UNICEF, a public Hearing on "Child Health - Challenges and Solutions" was held today in the Serbian Parliament.

The theme was selected based on the recent MICS 3 findings. This was the first ever public debate on children's issues organised in the Serbian Parliament.

The hearing was chaired and facilitated by the President of the Health and Family Board, PM Snezana Stojanovic-Plavsic, while the Parliamentary Speaker Mr. Oliver Dulic gave an introductory speech and welcomed the audience among - 15 parliamentarians and a number of government representatives, national health experts, members of the international organisations and media professionals.

The presentations on the state of child health, challenges and good practices were mostly based on the MICS 3 findings and were given by:

  • H.E. Tomica Milosavljevic, Serbian Minister of Health
  • H.E. Rasim Ljaljic, Minister of Social Policy and President of the Serbian Council for Child Rights
  • Judita Reichenberg, UNICEF Area Representative
  • Dr. Dorit Nitzan, Head of WHO Serbia Office
  • Dr. Vojislava Stojiljkovic, Member of the Vranje Municipality Council and Coordinator of the Local Plans of Action for Children in Vranje
  • Dr. Viktorija Cucic of the Child Rights Centre NGO
  • Prof. Nedeljko Radulovic, President of the Paediatric Section of the Serbian Doctors' Society

The discussion that followed the presentations resulted in unanimous agreements on the urgent need for:

  • the adoption of  the Law on Child Ombudsman and a substantive Code for Children
  • the modification of the Criminal a Code to reflect legal ban on corporal punishment of children
  • the development of an overall strategy for protection of children from all forms of abuse and neglect
  • the introduction of  a  stronger monitoring role of the Parliament in relation to the legislative related to child rights issues
  • advocacy for securing more substantive budgets for children and programmes related to child health and development
UNICEF Serbia / 2007
© UNICEF Serbia / 2007
Public Hearing in Serbian Parliament on Child and Adolescent Health - December 11, 2007.

The parties attending the meeting furthermore agreed that the existing Family and Health Care Laws were good, but that their implementation in practice and their impact
on child development had to be more strictly monitored. In addition, it was stressed that more attention should be paid to and advocacy work done for healthier nutrition, education of professionals and introduction of health education in schools.

The public hearing on child health was covered by more than 20 print and electronic media.

For more information, please contact:

Jadranka Milanovic
Communication Officer
UNICEF Belgrade
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11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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