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UNICEF is among the most recognised international organisations in Moldova

UNICEF ranks third in the list of the spontaneously recognized international organizations, after the United Nations and the European Union

According to a research carried out by CBS AXA, the level of UNICEF brand awareness has significantly increased (+16.6%) in Moldova in the last two years. The August-September 2005 “Voices of people” Study, carried out by CBS AXA for Gallup International, showed 48% recognition of UNICEF, while the present study showed 64.5% in June 2007.

The latest research was carried out in order to assess the levels of public awareness of, attitudes towards and perceptions of UNICEF Moldova activities, priorities and brand. It is a nationally representative survey of 1,300 persons, aged 14 and up, selected from 12 geographic regions. The error margin is + 2.7%. 

“Public opinion is important. Our beneficiaries opinion is important. In the near future UNICEF in Moldova will be asking young people and children what they think of UNICEF’s work”, said UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Ray Virgilio Torres.

More than half of the respondents consider UNICEF a very efficient or an efficient organisation (53.2%), while 40.3% could not answer this question (mostly people who did not hear about UNICEF) and seven percent said that its activity is rather inefficient.

More than 50% of the population expressed their very positive and positive attitude. According to the ranking by the “very positive’ attitude, in Moldova UNICEF is second most trusted institution after EU.

Awareness of, as well as positive attitudes towards UNICEF are higher among young people, women, with higher level of education, living in urban areas.

At the same time, UNICEF is well known for its activities at local levels, in every community.  Twenty three per cent of those who have heard about UNICEF know of some UNICEF activities in their own communities, participated in them, heard from neighbours or know people who have benefited from these activities.

The absolute majority of respondents (63.8%), when asked of the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the name UNICEF, associated it with “help/help for children”.

When asked about the areas of activity of UNICEF, most people responded social protection of children, child rights, preventing abuse and violence, and mother and child health.

UNICEF is most appreciated for its work in the protection of child rights, vaccination and prevention of violence against children.

Talking about the future of UNICEF in Moldova, respondents think that the main areas of activity should be reintegration of children from boarding schools in families, followed by the protection of children’s rights, prevention of violence and tackling the abandonment of children.




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