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UNICEF calls on Uzbekistan government to prioritise child survival

UNICEF Uzbekistan 2007
© UNICEF Uzbekistan 2007
Five day workshop opens to share techniques enhancing child health

Five day workshop opens to share techniques enhancing child health

TASHKENT, September 10, 2007 – One of UNICEF’s senior officers in Uzbekistan has called upon the government to place child survival at the top of its political agenda.

“The issue of the child’s survival should be the primary item in the political and economic agenda of the Government. We can and should support the growth rate of child survival through introducing inexpensive technologies and methodologies,” said Deputy Representative of UNICEF Uzbekistan, Andro Shilakadze.

His remarks came at the opening of the ‘Second Sub-Regional Workshop on Accelerating  Child Survival in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Region: Learning form Each Other’. The workshops runs from September 10 to 14, and is being held in Tashkent.

Mr Shilakadze went on to appeal to the participants of the meeting for the adoption of long-term commitments and assistance in promoting investments and cooperation.

Research and development of comprehensive medical services with a view to reducing  infant and child mortality in hospitals and developing primary care is one of the innovative approaches in post-soviet countries.

Uzbekistan, like many other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), has made significant progress towards the Millennium Development Goals in the field of enhancement of a child’s survival. This progress is owing to Uzbekistan Government policies that have been supported by technical assistance from international institutions, such as UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank.

The second sub-regional workshop for Central and Eastern European countries and CIS, is concentrating on sharing experiences and the study of new effective techniques of child survival. Lead experts on maternal and child health protection are taking part in the workshop.

This event enables the region to have a strategic overview and appraisal of the progress that has been accomplished over recent years in this field; to revise strategies in the light of global and regional experience in the reduction of under-fives child mortality and to focus on strategies for evidence-based, highly-efficient and low-cost interventions to reduce child mortality. Special focus is being paid to a need for strengthening communication with families and communities. 

The participants for the next five days will be sharing their experience and making presentations on progress in the countries of the region. They will have an opportunity to visit health facilities to see and learn the current practices available in Uzbekistan. The outcome of the workshop will include the development of an action plan to introduce new technologies in the field of child survival, as well as advocacy to new partners among the countries of the region and international institutions.

For more information please contact:

Umid Hudaykulov, acting health and nutrition officer.
UNICEF Uzbekistan.
43, Khadicha Sulaimonoa St., Tashkent
Tel: 133 95 112, 133 97 35, 387 39 09





2nd Sub-Regional Workshop on Accelerating Child Survival in CEE and the CIS Region: Learning form Each Other

Accelerating Child Survival
Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Regional Adviser Health and Nutrition, CEE/CIS

Second Subregional Workshop for Acceleration of Child Survival, Tashkent, 10 – 14 September, 2007

Workshop objectives
Цели Семинара

Др. Санджив Кумар, Региональный Советник по вопросам здоровья и питания, СВЕ/СНГ
Второй Субрегиональный семинар, посвященный вопросу  ускорения прогресса в достижении цели выживания детей, Ташкент, 10 – 14 Сентября, 2007 год

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