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News archive 2005

All press releases published by the UNICEF Regional Office CEE/CIS and the respective country offices in 2005:

Azerbaijan: UNICEF and Government sign new country programme for 2005-2009
29 December, 2005

New Statistics Database shines light on children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
23 December, 2005: The new version of the TransMONEE database is now available

New Resource Package Shines Spotlight on Excluded Children
22 December 2005: New online package is a world first for UNICEF

Image of a street child in Odessa wins UNICEF International Photo Award
19 December, 2005: Scottish photographer David Gillanders wins "UNICEF Photo of the Year“ award with his image of Yana, a street child in Odessa.

Azerbaijan: Artists call for action on UNICEF campaign 'Unite for children, united against AIDS'
7 December 2005 - A number of well-known Azerbaijan artists came together in a UNICEF-supported concert to draw attention to the impact of the global AIDS pandemic on children.

A New Photo Information Exhibition “Mines Are Hurting Children” Opened in Moscow
6 December 2005 - The exhibition is devoted to children who have been killed or injured by mines and other unexploded ordnance in Chechnya over the last 10 years.

WORLD AIDS DAY: Bosnia and Herzegovina -- SMS campaign reaches 1.3 million people
1 December 2005: leading telecom companies reach out for the Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS campaign

Central Asia meeting focuses on early learning
30 November 2005: delegates discuss ways to ensure that all children are ready for the classroom

UNICEF Regional Office: a new partnership to evaluate progress for children
29 November: UNICEF joins the trustees of the International Program Evaluation Network.

TURKEY : closing the gender gap in education
25 November 2005: UNICEF Representative outlines campaign to get girls into Turkish classrooms.

Uzbekistan: taking a lead in the fight against malnutrition
22-24 November: flour mills show media how they are tackling anaemia

Kazakhstan: international conference on protection of child rights
25 November 2005: conference participants forge new links to protect child rights

25 November: Мы предлагаем создать бюро омбудсмена, которое бы занималось только проблемами детей

Kyrgyzstan launches Unite for Chlidren. Unite against AIDS campaign
24 November: Kyrgyzstan aims to halt the spread of HIV by focusing on children

Serbia and Montenegro: media awards for child rights reporting
21 November, 2005: Media awards recognise excellence in coverage of child rights issues

Kazakh media adopt mission statement on child rights
19 November 2005: Kazakh media form National Information Network on child rights

Teenager from Moldova wins International Video Festival
15 November 2005: Ionela Costachi (15) from Moldova, wins the Tommy Award at the International One-Minutes Video Festival.

ЮНИСЕФ бьет тревогу по поводу роста уровня детской бедности в Российской Федерации
15 ноября, 2005г: ПРЕСС-РЕЛИЗ

UNICEF rings alarm bells on child poverty in the Russian Federation
15 November, 2005: UNICEF launches new report in Moscow

Дети: Еще одно лицо СПИДа в России.
14 ноября 2005 r: Глобальная кампания ЮНИСЕФ/ЮНЭЙДС: Объединитесь для защиты детей. Объединитесь против СПИДа.

Children: the missing face of AIDS in Russia
14 November 2005: UNICEF/UNAIDS launch AIDS campaign in the Russian Federation

Kazakhstan festival celebrates children's creativity
11 November 2005: First Kazakh Festival for children with disabilites

Regional Director meets Armenian Parliamentarians
4 November, 2005: Maria Calivis introduces IPU Handbook for Parliamentarians on Child Protection

Regional Director meets Armenia's Future
2 November 2005: Maria Calivis hears the views of young people in Yerevan

Georgia: Follow Sport, Feel Healthy!
1 November 2005: UNICEF and partners launch new scheme to promote healthy lifestyles in Georgia

Children: The Missing Face of AIDS
25 October 2005: UNICEF and UNAIDS Launch Global Campaign to Invigorate Action for the Millions of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

ДЛЯ НЕМЕДЛЕННОЙ ПУБЛИКАЦИИ: ЮНИСЕФ, ЮСАИД и Министерство здравоохранения проводят семинар по мониторингу и оценке йодирования соли и обогащения муки
29 December, 2005

Turkmenistan: monitoring salt iodization and flour fortification
18 October 2005: UNICEF, USAID and Ministry of Health workshop on monitoring progress.

Serbia launches Schools Without Violence initiative
3 October 2005: press conference to launch groundbreaking new scheme

De nombreux enfants handicapés continuent à « ne pas compter »
5 Octobre 2005: Enfants et handicaps pendant la période de transition en ECO/CEI

Многие дети с ограниченными возможностями все еще “сбрасываются со счетов”
5 ОКТЯБРЯ 2005г: Выпуск доклада «Точка зрения «Инноченти»: Проблемы детской инвалидности в переходный период

A muchos niños y niñas con discapacidades se les sigue “descartando” de la sociedad
DEL 5 DE OCTUBRE DE 2005: La Infancia y las Discapacidades en Transición en ECE/CEI y Estados Bálticos

Many Children with Disabilities Still "Written Off"
5 October 2005: launch of UNICEF Innocenti Insight on children with disabilities in CEE/CIS and Baltics

Georgia: UNICEF brings aid to flood victims
30 September: health and education supplies delivered to 17 flood-affected areas

Azerbaijan: UNICEF training for police inspectors
26 September 2005: training for police who work with children

Juvenile justice experts from 10 countries (Eastern and South-Eastern Europe) created a sub-regional network
20 September, 2005

Protecting Roma children against preventable diseases
19 September 2005

Russian Federation: "Change for good"
16 September 2005

Azerbaijan: Violence against children must be stopped
September 15, 2005. Government and UNICEF call for stronger actions to end violence against children in the country

“Road Signs” for children and parents in Bosnia and Herzegovina to protect children’s rights and prevent discrimination
September 14, 2005: UNICEF and the Institution of the Ombudsman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Federation have produced a practical legal guide on human rights for children and their parents.

Media follow closely Sir Roger Moore in Dubrovnik, while he helps raise more awareness and funds for UNICEF
9 September 2005, Croatia

Anatoly Karpov, World Chess Champion and UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador, pays one-week visit to Kazakhstan
September 6, 2005: Karpov draws media attention to children's issues in Kazakhstan

"All the Invisible Children" premieres in Serbia & Montenegro
The UNICEF-supported film comprises seven different segments by seven directors, each one representing a different country or region of the world.

National Conference on iodine deficiency elimination and fight against anemia in the Republic of Kazakhstan
September 1, 2005: World Chess Champion and UNICEF Regional Goodwill Ambassador Anatoly Karpov appeals to the Conference participants.

Beslan one year on: UNICEF Calls On Adults to Shield Children from Conflict
1 September 2005: UNICEF marks first anniversary of Beslan siege

BESLAN -- ONE YEAR ON: Children's photo exhibition opens
26 August: Children's photo exhibition opens in Beslan today

Footballers team up for UNICEF in Croatia
24 August, 2005: Bayern Munich in friendly match to raise awareness on institutionalised children

Beslan -- One Year On
26 August: Children Are the Most Precious Thing in the World: photo exhibition by children of Beslan

Kazakh children discuss Ombudsman for Child Rights
17 August: Children at summer camp lay out plan to uphold child rights

UNICEF responds to Bulgarian floods
10 August: Supplies for families hit by the floods

Croatia: marketing agency wins global award for UNICEF campaign
29 July: Lowe Digital wins award in New York Festivals for UNICEF poster campaign

Uzbekistan: taking the lead on flour fortification
29 July: Uzbekistan to receive $2.8 million to combat iron deficiency

Kazakhstan: Stop Violence against Children -- Act Now!
27 July: Press conference outlines agenda for action on violence against children

Armenia: roundtable on Violence against Children
27 July: roundtable on follow-up to the Regional Consultation on Violence against Children

Azerbaijan: summer camps teach children about landmines
25 July: summer camps teach children about the risks

One child abandoned each day in Moldova, says UNICEF
18 July 2005: Government/UNICEF study reveals scale of abandonment

Azerbaijan to launch mass immunization campaign in 2006
14 July, 2005: More than three million people to be immunized against measles and rubella

Armenia calls for action on breastfeeding
8 July 2005: Government and UNICEF call for stronger policies

The Ljubljana Final Conclusions
7 July: Regional Consultation sets out plan to end violence against children

Invisible in Violence -- Children in Europe and Central Asia
5 July 2005: Regional Consultation on Children and Violence opens in Slovenia

Moldova: young people know little about HIV/AIDS, says new study
5 July, 2005: study of young people reveals knowledge gaps

Central Asian Countries Agree to Improve Quality and Access to Education by 2015
9 June 2005

Kazakhstan Celebrates Child Protection Day
1 June 2005

Children in residential institutions desperately vulnerable to abuse. Data gaps make the issue “invisible”, says UNICEF
31 May 2005

Governments welcome WHO/UNICEF Global Immunization Strategy
25 May, 2005

Uzbekistan crisis: latest from UNICEF
17 May, 2005

Girls' Education: the best return on investment
12 May, 2005

Update on the Flood Situation in Romania
9 May, 2005

Central Asian Education Forum set for June 2005
5 May, 2005

Armenia reviews progress on child rights
29 April, 2005

Ann Veneman becomes UNICEF Executive Director
2 May, 2005

Floods in Serbia: a report from the field
29 April, 2005

Carol Bellamy says farewell to UNICEF
29 April, 2005

Turkey: 8 million children to be immunized in one month
28 April, 2005

Georgia: poverty reduction must start with children
27 April, 2005

Progress for Children: Russian
26 April, 2005

Armenia ratifies key treaties for children
13 April, 2005

Human Trafficking in South Eastern Europe
31 March, 2005

La traite des etres humains dans L'Europe de Sud-Est
31 March 2005

Joint programming for UN in southern Kazakhstan
24 March, 2005

Armenia ratifies Optional Protocol on Sale of Children
19 March, 2005

Local Plans of Action for children in Serbia
15 March, 2005

Home Sweet Home: a myth for many children
15 March, 2005

« On est toujours mieux en famille » – un mythe pour de nombreux enfants ?
15 March, 2005. French version

„Trautes Heim ...“ – für viele Kinder nur ein Märchen?
15 March, 2005. German version

“Дом, мой милый дом” – сказочная мечта для многих детей?
15 March, 2005. Russian version

Foster care workshop in Kazakhstan
14 March, 2005

Flour fortification breakthrough in Uzbekistan
9 March, 2005

Georgia ban on non-iodized salt imports
3 March, 2005

Health Ministers meet to tackle infant HIV in Central Asia
1 March, 2005

Mass immunization campaign in Kazakhstan
18 Feb, 2005

Babies still abandoned in Romanian hospitals
20 Jan, 2005





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