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Gala Telethon for UNICEF: Over 670,000 Euros raised for the benefit of children with disabilities in Romania.

Andreea Marin Banica, TV host of the telethon and Romania's first Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF
Andreea Marin Banica, TV host of the telethon and Romania's first Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

BUCHAREST, 23 February 2007 - The national television channel (TVR), in partnership with UNICEF Romania, hosted a star-studded show on 17 February 2007, marking 60 years of UNICEF’s global presence.

Within the televised show, a telethon was organized for raising funds for the benefit of children with disabilities in Romania; to date over 670,000 Euros has been raised.

The event brought together Romanian personalities from the political, economic, artistic, and sports domains alongside close partners of UNICEF and representatives of prestigious firms from the private sector.

The show was hosted by Mrs. Andreea Marin Banica, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Romania, and honoured by the participation of Romanian Presidents, Mr. Traian Basescu, Mr. Ion Iliescu, Mr. Emil Constantinescu, the Romanian Prime Minister Mr. Calin Popescu Tariceanu and his wife; each of them as well responded to the public calls.

On this occasion UNICEF also launched the “Global Parent” concept in Romania. Through this initiative, UNICEF addressed Romanian people keen to help marginalized children around the world. Over 700 people responded to this call for action and expressed their desire to become Global Parents, by pledging to contribute 5 Euros per month over a specific period.

Mr Traian Basescu, President of Romania, mans the phone lines during the fundraising telethon.
Mr Traian Basescu, President of Romania mans the phone lines during UNICEF fundraising telethon, 17 February 2007.

Donations from the public were made via SMS through the Orange and Vodafone mobile phone networks, through phone calls to the special Romtelecom numbers that were allocated for the telethon and as well through special, substantive donations made by both individuals and companies from the private sector.

People from all over Romania as well as from other countries called in to donate money and other gifts including a house, violin and even hectares of land.

Among the celebrities at the Gala who made themselves available to respond to phone calls were Daciana Sirbu, Victor Ponta, Mona Musca, Mioara Mantale prefectul de Bucuresti, Dna Monica Macovei, Ministrul Justitiei, Dna Anca Boagiu, Ministrul Integrarii, Cristian Topescu, Gabriela Szabo, Mariana Bitang, Octavian Belu, Ionut Lupescu, Violeta Beclea, Doina Melinte, Florin Segarceanu, Ion Tiriac, Marcel Pavel, Horia Moculescu, Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Mugurel Vrabete, Tino Furtuna, Margareta Pislaru, Ducu Bertzi, Stefan Banica Jr., Loredana Groza, Mariana Nicolesco, Zina Dumitrescu, Emilia Popescu, George Ivascu, Maia Morgenstern, Florin Piersic Jr., Cornel Nistorescu, Matilda Pascal Cojocarita, Sofia Vicoveanca and a series of TVR stars including Cosmin Prelipceanu, Iuliana Tudor, Sanda Nicola, Monica Ghiurco, Malvina Cervenschi, Albertina Lungu, Adriana Titieni along with many others.

One of the richest men in Romania and director of ‘Steaua’ football team, Mr. Gigi Becali, donated 250,000 Euros through the telethon.  

The telephone lines assigned for pledging donations, including the Romtelecom lines, along with the numbers for receiving SMS in the Orange and Vodafone networks will all remain open until 8 March 2007.

The money raised through this telethon will be used by UNICEF Romania for developing and sustaining projects in benefit of children with disabilities in Romania.

For more information, please contact:

Codruta Hedesiu, Communication Officer, UNICEF Romania
Tel: (40 21) 201 78 64





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