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Remembering the past and looking towards the future


30 November 2006, Belgrade – A photography exhibition presenting key moments of UNICEF’s history in Yugoslavia and Serbia opens today in Belgrade and marks the beginning of UNICEF Serbia’s celebration of the 60th anniversary. The exhibition, displayed in the “Progres” art gallery Belgrade, will run until 11 December, the date when UNICEF was created 60 years ago. 

This joint celebration with UNICEF Serbia’s partners includes a series of initiatives and events that will be open to the public over the next fortnight in the art gallery.

Highlights include:

  • An historic panorama of 50 photographs depicting some key moments in UNICEF’s history in the country.
  • “Memory Board” for everybody who has a memory of UNICEF which they want to share, a photograph, letter, message...
  • An exhibition of old UNICEF greeting cards, including the very first one painted by seven-year old Jitka Samkova in 1947,  and sale of 2007 cards and gifts.
  • An interactive “DevInfo Workstation” displaying the latest data on children in Serbia.
  • Presentation and discussions of UNICEF’s current programmes.
  • Children’s Corner where children can play, draw and present their views on their own future and future of UNICEF.
  • Screening of films including:
    • “All the Invisible Children” Omnibus and discussions;
    • Great Moments in UNICEF History;
    • UNICEF in Serbia;
    • Children of Today for Children of Tomorrow;
    • Active Learning;
    • Right to Know;
    • Child Rights Cartoons

60 years in Yugoslavia and Serbia

UNICEF was established on 11 December 1946 to provide food, clothes and health protection for children in post Second World War Europe.

UNICEF has a long tradition in Serbia. It has been active in the country ever since 1947 when the first emergency shipment was sent to the then Yugoslavia. Even in the most difficult times in the country’s recent history, UNICEF has been present, assisting in efforts to protect and promote children’s rights, to ensure that children’s basic needs and opportunities to reach their full potential are met.

Within the current Country Programme (2005 - 2009), UNICEF in Serbia continues to be an important Government partner in a joint effort to ensure that children and young people, in particular those who live in poverty and exclusion, enjoy and exercise their rights.

UNICEF supports the reform processes and assists in efforts to combat poverty, harmonise legislation with the EU and international standards, achieve the Millennium Development Goals and implement the National Plan of Action for Children of the Government of Serbia. Non-governmental organizations are supported and strengthened, and close cooperation has been established with the business sector.

We are continuing our mission…

For more information, please contact:

Jadranka Milanovic
Communication Officer
Tel: +381-11-3602-100





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