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Romanian children paint their way into the Guinness Book of Records for UNICEF 60th

Longest painting in the world on canvas by children
© UNICEF/Romania/2006
Romanian children now hold the record for the world's longest painting by children on canvas - 3,464.1metres. The theme of the painting was "flowers".

Romania celebrates 60 years of UNICEF in record style

November 18, 2006, Bucharest - On Saturday, November 18 2006, UNICEF Romania and the students of Nicolae Tonitza Art School made their way into the Guinness Book of Records with “the longest painting made by children on canvas”. The canvas measured 3,464.1 metres in length, and was confirmed as a new world record by Guinness World Record Ltd representative, Andrea Banfi.

“There are records everywhere in the world ... but this time, the optimism and the passion of the children took me by surprise” - Guinness World Records Representative 

The event took place in an aeroplane hangar at Romaero Baneasa, and was attended by 1,500 children. The painting, the outcome of  two months of hard work, was laid out on the runway in front of the hangar in an operation that took more than 12 hours. The students of Tonitza Art School, together with hundreds of other children from all over Bucharest continued to paint until the very last centimetre of canvas was covered.

Longest painting on canvas by children
© UNICEF/Romania/2006
UNICEF Romania Representative, Mr Pierre Poupard and some of the record-breakers proudly show their certificate verifying the new world record.

“Today’s event is under the banner of UNICEF’s 60th anniversary and is of great significance to us because it is an event made together with children,” said UNICEF Representative in Romania, Pierre Poupard. “Once we reached this new world record we obtained a new recognition for Romania, whose ambassadors are, in this case, these talented children. The canvas is painted with flowers, full of the colour and the warmth of the children’s souls. I seize the opportunity to thank everyone who helped us and who have made this successful event possible,” added Pierre Poupard, after the world record was broken.

“I was surprised by the talent and the ambition of the children of Tonitza High Scool who wanted so much to be in the Guinness Book of Records” said Andrea Banfi, Guinness World Records Ltd. Representative. “There are records everywhere in the world and enthusiasm can also be found everywhere, but this time, the optimism and the passion of the children took me by surprise,” she added.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Mr Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, together with his family attended. The entertainment and atmosphere equalled the event – there was music, balloons, fairy tale characters, as well as body painting sessions and gifts from the event sponsors.
UNICEF Consultant, Mrs Wajiha Haris came up with this idea as an historic way the children of Romania could mark the 60th anniversay of UNICEF.

UNICEF Partners for the “world’s longest painting by children on canvas” event are the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture, the Nicolae Tonitza Art School, Romaero Baneasa and ArCub. Radio ItsyBitsy were the media partner and Nicola Porter Novelli PR Agency assisted in the organization and the promotion of the event.

Other private sector sponsors were: Carrefour, Prigat, Metro Cash&Carry Romania, Colgate-Palmolive, Stage Expert, Impressions, Kasper Events.


UNICEF has been present in Romania since 1991, offering assistance to the Romanian authorities and civil society to create a favorable environment for children by developing health, nutrition, education and protection programmes. Lately, UNICEF has begun a series of fund-raising activities for the benefit of disadvantaged children in the country. The response of both international and local companies has been very quick and very supportive.

The Nicolae Tonitza Art School was established in 1949. Throughout the years, the value and creativity of the school’s students has been rewarded by national and international prizes, as well by invitations to major international exhibitions. Currently, the School has 800 students and runs 12 workshops in various art crafts.

For futher details, please contact:

Codruţa Hedeşiu, UNICEF Communication Officer,
Telephone: (021) 2017864

Iulia Miron, PR coordinator
Nicola Porte Novelli,
Telephone: 0723 309 252




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