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Social care professionals learn about seamless child protection

© UNICEF Turkmenistan /2006/G. Soltanova
© UNICEF Turkmenistan /2006/Soltanova
Workshop participants share their experiences.

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 25 October 2006 – About 40 participants from various government agencies in Turkmenistan who work on child protection issues last Friday completed a week-long training workshop organized by UNICEF in partnership with the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan.

Participants from education, social welfare, and health care sectors, as well as staff who work in orphanages, infant homes, family support centres and local municipalities had an opportunity to listen to and learn from each other and share their experiences of working with vulnerable children and families.

“This training was of great importance for all of us here”, said one participant. “Our main concern is that disadvantaged families and children are cared for. We learned new ideas and methods at this training and we were inspired by meeting such professional colleagues from other provinces in Turkmenistan,” she added.

The goal of the training was to raise awareness of the importance of agencies working closely with each other in order to ensure that the children of Turkmenistan are well protected from violence, abuse and neglect. The benefits of an integrated approach in the provision of social services to children and families in need were highlighted.

The workshop also drew attention to the importance of social workers knowing their roles and responsibilities in the area of child protection.  

The workshop on multi-agency collaboration is a part of UNICEF’s Alternative Care for Children project. This project aims to prevent the institutionalization of children through the provision of alternative child care options. UNICEF organizes various social and care related activities to fill the gap created by an absence of a culture of social workers in the country.

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