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Update on the Flood Situation in Romania.

UNICEF Romania
© UNICEF/Romania/2006
UNICEF responds to the flood situation in Romania.
June 23, 2006. The heavy rains in the past week affected 87 villages in the Central, Northern and Western part of Romania.      

The counties affected are: Galati, Bistrita Nasaud, Maramures, Salaj, Arad, Hunedoara, Timis, Mures, and Alba.      

According to a report by the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior, on June 23, 2006 the situation in the flooded areas in Northern Romania is as follows:    

Deceased persons: 7
Missing people: 5  
Displaced people: 150
Affected towns and villages: 87
Affected/Damaged houses: 1,437
Destroyed houses: 36
Houses in danger of collapsing: 41
Affected households and household annexes: 1,747
Destroyed households and household annexes: 162    


The breakdown of people displaced is the following:       

 County                                    Number of displaced people
1.  Bistrita Nasaud                        93
2.  Galati                                       57
                                           Total 150    


The Government’s and local authorities’ response:

• The local authorities of the Bistrita Nasaud northern county and the staff of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (experts with the County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, gendarmes, policemen and soldiers) have been mobilized to help the population in the areas affected by the latest floods.  

• The rescue teams have helped the persons in need. Search for the missing people and attempt to restrain the effects of the floods are continuing. Access ways are being cleared of the wood carried by torrents.  

• The local authorities led by the Prefect sent bread and water in the affected area.

• The Prime Minister and the Minister of Administration and the Interior assured the Prefects in the counties affected by torrential rains in the past few days that the Government was going to help the affected families and to rehabilitate the infrastructure.  

• According to the Prime Minister, the Government's priorities are to secure accommodation for the homeless families, to rebuild the infrastructure  and to connect them to telephony networks, electricity and to distribute the most needed aid consisting of food and money.






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