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"All the Invisible Children" premieres in Serbia & Montenegro

© UNICEF/Serbia and Montenegro/Konstantin Petrovic - 2005
UNICEF Ambassador for Serbia and Montenegro Emir Kusturica, Area Representative for Serbia and Montenegro and Croatia, Ann-Lis Svensson and producer and actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta address the press conference in Herceg Novi
Herceg Novi, 3 September 2005 - UNICEF Serbia and Montenegro and its national ambassador, film director Emir Kusturica, organised a special preview of the film “All the Invisible Children” in Herceg Novi, on 3 September 2005. 
 “All the Invisible Children” is a set of powerful stories that deal with the most pressing and important of social issues – the neglect and exclusion of children and their deprivation of childhood. It comprises seven different segments by seven directors, each one representing a different country or region of the world: Emir Kusturica for Serbia and Montenegro; Mehdi Charef for Africa; Spike Lee for the United States; Katia Lund for Brasil; Jordan Scott and Ridley Scott as a father-daughter team for the United Kingdom; Stefano Veneruso for Italy; and John Woo for China.
© UNICEF/Serbia and Montenegro/Konstantin Petrovic - 2005
UNICEF Area Representative Ann-Lis Svensson talks to the media about the work of UNICEF and its National Ambassador for Serbia and Montenegro, Emir Kusturica, and plans for raising awareness about invisible children.
The film, in which the prestigious artists project their take on these issues, was screened in Serbia and Montenegro just a couple of days after its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Emir Kusturica, UNICEF Area Representative Ann-Lis Svensson, film directors Katia Lund and Charef Mehdi, and producers Chiara Tilesi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, jointly greeted the audience, which included the Prime Minister of Montenegro, and addressed the media at a press conference after the show.
The net profits from the distribution of the film will go to UNICEF, WFP and Italian Development Cooperation for the benefit of children.



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