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Young advocates raise their voices: “Youth are not just the future generation - youth are partners today”

ISTANBUL/GENEVA, 06 September 2013 – A major regional consultation on education and the post-2015 development goals agenda was held in Istanbul from 2-6 September 2013 with young participants from 22 countries in Europe and Central Asia. 

This consultation provided them with a unique opportunity to express themselves and contribute to the UN Global Survey on.the post-2015 agenda ‘My World 2015’ and to the World We Want 2015 platform.

Young people with and without disabilities, from remote areas, from ethnic minorities came together to discuss their issues and made recommendation for the post-2015 agenda from their perspective.

Murad (23) a participant from Azerbaijan expressed the world he wants post 2015 for education “I hope we will have an inclusive education system which is accessible for every child. Some of the children with disabilities live far away from their schools; I hope equal transportation opportunities will be provided to them.”

Kristina (25) a participant from Croatia stated that “Women should be equal as men. Which means equal salaries, equal opportunities while getting a job, equal voting rights in politics, to not to be discriminated, to choose when they want to get married.”

At the end of the consultation young advocates made a statement ‘on the world we want’ for the CEE/CIS region. One of the key recommendations is “Together with you, we want to take our responsibility to make this world a better place. We’re ready to start action now. We pledge an equal partnership with decision makers in the implementation of the post- 2015 development agenda. The only way to make sure the post 2015 development agenda will become a reality, is if we start working on it all together. It’s time for solutions, action and partnership. Youth are not just the future generation- Youth are partners today.”

The final statement with their recommendations will be presented at the regional consultation meeting on the post-2015 agenda in November 2013.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) have benefited children and young people but there is unfinished business to ensure a future world fit for children. Europe and Central Asia is striving to ensure that adolescent and youth have a meaningful and inclusive participation in shaping the upcoming development agenda after 2015.

The UN Global Focal Point on My World 2015, Ravi Karkara, made a call for youth to mobilize other adolescent and young people to vote extensively in the survey and appointed young people as a My World Advocate in the respective countries.

For more information, please contact: 

Sema Hosta
UNICEF Turkey Communication Chief
Tel: +90 312 454 1000

John Budd
UNICEF Regional Communication Chief for CEE/CIS
Tel: +41 22 909 5429



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