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Ana Ivanović debates with primary school pupils the importance of school rules in violence prevention

Pupils, parents and teachers of primary schools from the “School without Violence” programme talked with UNICEF Ambassador Ana Ivanovic about the importance of defining values and obeying the rules that would enable the achievement of positive results in any sphere of life.

Belgrade, 23 November 2012 – Ana Ivanovic, a famous tennis player and UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia, today met with pupils, parents and teachers of five primary schools in Belgrade included into the “School without Violence” programme.

Together with pupils of the host "Filip Filipovic" primary school, as well as the primary schools of “Mihajlo Petrovic”, "Svetislav Golubovic Mitraljeta", "Miroslav Antic" and "Vasa Carapic", Ana Ivanovic stimulated the work of a peer team.

They together defined the rules and discussed the importance of obeying and implementing the rules in order to reduce violent behavior and promote the values of friendship, solidarity, honesty and understanding in their class. 

“It is not easy to be an athlete. There are really many rules we have to comply with in professional sports. It is not hard to me; I know why I conform to them because it is important to me to achieve what I believe in. It’s the same with violence. If we believe that friendship is most important, that we can agree on everything, that each one of is of worth, that there are other ways to prove ourselves instead of making fun of or harassing someone – it will not be difficult for us to obey the rules that promote non-violent behavior”, Ana Ivanovic stated.

At the end of the meeting, she once again called upon each individual, from pupils and parents to teachers and the society as a whole, to invest efforts in order to exterminate violence in schools.

Ana Ivanovic, who was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Serbia in 2007, has been promoting the “School without Violence” programme. With her personal donations, she has enabled 16 Serbian schools to join the programme which is aimed at creating a safe and enabling environment for learning and development of children.

For more information, please contact: 

Jadranka Milanovic
Communication Officer
UNICEF Belgrade
Mobile: 063-336-283



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