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Turkmenistan health experts initiate a capacity mapping process of health promotion system

ASHGABAT, 16 November 2012 – Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and its various structures are skilled to undertake a methodologically comprehensive mapping exercise on health promotion capacity in Turkmenistan after completing a five day intensive workshop this week. The UNICEF supported workshop aimed at familiarizing the national experts on the system approach to the effective health promotion and methodological tools to exercise the mapping.

As a result of the health promotion capacity mapping, the national health system decision makers will be better aware of the health promotion system’s strong aspects and potential capacity building areas. It is envisaged that in 2013 the results of this analysis will be used for the design of the Capacity Development Strategy of the National Health Promotion System.

The workshop, being a part of the broader public health promotion capacity development initiative, served as an entry point for strengthening effectiveness and efficiency of the national health promotion system. The systemic approach to health promotion will contribute to increased individual and community empowerment through stronger intersectoral collaboration and more enabling socio-ecological environment.  

UNICEF international experts, Bertino Somaini and Sergey Sargsyan as well as UNICEF Regional Communication for Development Specialist Sharad Agarwal, who facilitated the workshop, provided advisory assistance to participants in assessing the existing capacities of the health promotion system through the internationally compatible mapping methodologies, and the best international practices on effective health promotion systems. Facilitators also provided technical guidance to the group on cost effectiveness of health prevention interventions and long term returns of the investments made into the health promotion systems. 

“With a strong political will, Turkmenistan has already accomplished public health achievements in the areas of immunization, flour fortification, salt iodization and other. Therefore, Turkmenistan’s government holds a tremendous potential to strengthen its public health promotion system that will positively influence well-being of children and families with their lifespan,” stated UNICEF Deputy Representative Alena Sialchanok at the opening of the workshop.

UNICEF will further work with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan to enhance the national health promotion system in line with internationally recognized practices.

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