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"I know I can" - Social campaign dedicated to the inclusion of children with disabilities

CHISINAU, Moldova, 29 August 2012 - Using the opportunity of the World Cup 2014 qualification match between Moldova-England (7 September 2012), UNICEF in partnership with the Moldovan Football Federation (MFF), the Ministry of Education and the UK Embassy in Moldova starts a social campaign which promotes the inclusion of children with disabilities in society.

The message of the campaign - "EU ȘTIU CĂ POT – I KNOW I CAN – Я ЗНАЮ ЧТО МОГУ" –  is a message from children with disabilities towards the society, through which they tell everyone that they are the same as everybody and need to be treated as such.

The campaign includes more activities in order to sensitize, among which a video spot having as main character the coach of the national football team, Ion Caras and a girl with disabilities in order to show the inclusion, production of a banner placed on a visible spot on the stadium promoting the social message, production and dissemination during the game of visibility materials with the message, such as caps and scarfs, also promotion of the campaign in local mass media etc.

Filming of the video spot, a production of Igor Cobaleanski, took place on August 9, 2012, at the training camp of the MFF in Vadul lui Voda. During the filming there were engaged a team of kids from the Special Olimpics, as well as another 100 kids from a local summer camp, Ciresarii.

The girl from the video spot is Irina, a little girl with Down Sindrom who loves football and kicks the ball with a lot of talent. She impresses the coach Ion Caras and he decides to invite her to be part of his team, being most certain that only together they can win.

According to UNICEF, children with disabilities are among the most stigmatized and excluded children in the world. They need protection such as the other vulnerable kids. Interventions for their protection start with early prevention and identification of the illness, assuring access to education, social and health services, reducing institutionalization, as well as fighting against stereotypes and discrimination.

The campaign with the message "EU ȘTIU CĂ POT – I KNOW I CAN – Я ЗНАЮ ЧТО МОГУ” will start 2 weeks before the football game Moldova-England which will take place on September 7 aiming to sensitize public opinion about the life and abilities of these children.



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