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Juvenile justice

UNICEF press releases from Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) from 2011 with a focus on Juvenile justice.

Juvenile justice conference in Armenia
YEREVAN, Armenia, 23 November 2011 – UNICEF Office in Armenia and the Armenian office of Project Harmony International, under the aegis of a joint EU-UNICEF three-year project convened today a major conference to spur reforms in juvenile justice.

Rugby as a tool for rehabilitation and reintegration
TBILISI, Georgia, 17 October 2011 - The rugby initiative, including the rehabilitation of the sports field in Avchala Special Educational Establishment in Tbilisi is financially supported by the European Union and supported by UNICEF.

Turkmenistan Government delegates get exposure to the UK juvenile justice system
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 8 August 2011 – A Government of Turkmenistan delegation had an introduction to the UK juvenile justice system during a weeklong study tour organized by UNICEF Turkmenistan.

Specific recommendations for the reforms of juvenile justice in Albania
TIRANA, Albania, 14 October 2011 - The distinguished and highly-respected human rights advocate, criminal lawyer, university professor and former Minister of Justice in France Robert BADINTER visited Albania upon invitation from UNICEF.

Training for prosecutors on juvenile justice in Georgia
TBILISI, Georgia, 5 October 2011 - A series of trainings for prosecutors on juvenile justice issues have started in Tbilisi.

EU - UNICEF to support juvenile justice reforms in 8 countries
GENEVA, 11 April, 2011 - The European Union and UNICEF will strengthen juvenile justice systems against torture and ill-treatment of children by allocating € 1.5 million to further support reforms in eight countries over the next three years.

Justice for children - the reform is moving forward
TBILISI, Georgia, 8 June 2011 – A child in conflict with the law has more chances now to get individual treatment and rehabilitation and to enjoy proper education and development thanks to the ongoing reform of the juvenile justice system.

Supporting national efforts in enhancing prevention and diversion services for children in conflict with the law in Georgia
TBILISI, Georgia, 23 March 2011 - The partnership also stipulates training of professionals from prosecution, defense and judiciary to make the diversion and prevention schemes fully operational.

A chance for juveniles in confilct with the law
PODGORICA, 21 March 2011 – Mediation is the best way of resolving cases involving children in conflict with a law, research from Montenegro shows.

Government of Turkmenistan hosts the 3rd Central Asian Child Protection Forum
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 30 May 2011 – Government delegations from five Central Asian republics are in Ashgabat this week to discuss and advance child protection and juvenile justice issues.

The Government of Turkmenistan hosts a preparatory meeting for the Third Central Asian Child Protection Forum in Ashgabat
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 16 February 2011 – The United Nations Children’s Fund jointly with the Parliament of Turkmenistan (Mejlis) organized a preparatory meeting for the upcoming Central Asian Child Protection Forum to be held in Ashgabat this May.



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