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Moldova is among the few countries of the world which succeeded in halving child mortality

© UNICEF Moldova / 2012
The Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova signs the “Child Survival Call to Action: A Promise Renewed” – UNICEF global initiative

CHISINAU, Moldova, 7 August 2012 – The “Child Survival Call to Action: A Promise Renewed” is a global UNICEF initiative which is aimed at intensifying the countries’ commitment to reduce the mortality rate of infants and children under 5.

Child mortality reduction is one of the Millennium Development Goals whose target is to reduce the mortality rate of children under 5 by two thirds during 1990-2015.

Significant progress has been noted within this period at global level – mortality rate of children under 5 has dropped 35% during a decade. The regions with the best successes are Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and Eastern Asia – the mortality rate of children under 5 in these regions dropped more than two times.

Moldova is among the few countries in the world which reached its Millennium objective of reducing child mortality, registering a mortality rate of 13.4 to 1,000 live births in 2011 in children under 5 (compared to 23.3 in 2000). The most frequent causes of young children’s deaths in Moldova are accidents, intoxications, traumas, as well as diseases of the respiratory apparatus – causes which can be prevented if parents and caregivers would supervise children better.

“By signing the “Child Survival Call to Action: A Promise Renewed” the Ministry of Health reiterates its firm position to keep up its efforts to save the lives of young children. We shall apply innovative and effective methods to maintain the progress attained in this field and to further improve the situation of mothers and children in our country ”, Andrei Usatai, Minister of Health stated during the signing of the document.

© UNICEF Moldova / 2012
UNICEF is committed to support the Ministry of Health for keeping up the efforts to save young children’s lives in Moldova

“UNICEF shall further support the Ministry of Health in improving the access of mothers and children, especially the most vulnerable, to healthcare and other services essential for reaching this objective. The country’s efforts shall focus on keeping up the good results and on reducing geographic and social disparities”, Svetlana Ștefaneț, Health and education program coordinator, UNICEF Moldova, said.

The global “Child Survival Call to Action: A Promise Renewed” aims at reducing child mortality rate to 20 deaths to 1,000 live births by 2035 worldwide – an objective which is hard to reach especially in certain regions in Africa and Asia where child mortality rates are still alarmingly high. 1 in 8 children in Sub-Saharan Africa and 1 in 15 children in Southern Asia die before turning 5 years old – this is 20 times higher than in developed countries, where there is one death to 167 children under 5, on average.

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