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Media advisory: Regional Conference on Supporting Families for Young Child Wellbeing in Turkey (14-17 May 2012)

The Role of Community Nursing, Home Visiting, and Outreach Services

ANKARA, Turkey, 14-17 May 2012

A Regional Conference on Supporting Families for Young Child Wellbeing focusing on the Role of Community Nursing, Home Visiting, and Outreach Services is being organized in Turkey between 14-17 May 2012 as a result of the strong cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Turkey and UNICEF in the area of child health and development.

The conference will take stock of the multiple changes and reform efforts in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, learn from international and regional technical experts and develop next steps to support and guide the direction of family-support systems to ensure better health, optimal development, protection and overall well-being of the next generation.

According to international evidence supported by UNICEF and WHO, home visiting provides critical support and capacity building to families to link them with health and social services in the community to increase the survival of infants during their first months of life.

UNICEF also supports home visiting programmes as these services play an important role in protecting and improving physical and mental health, addressing inequities and ultimately contributing to school performance and economic productivity.

Ministry of Health Deputy Undersecretary Assoc. Prof. Turan Buzgan, stated that: “Today, in this meeting, we are discussing the issue of supporting families in their own environments for child health and welfare and the role of nurses and midwives in this together with representatives from 14 participating countries and UNICEF experts from 8 countries. I am sure this conference will contribute to the cause of ensuring that each child born can fully realize his or her inherent potential in future years as a healthy, happy and peaceful individual. I wish you success with my firm belief that the present conference will contribute a great deal to the welfare of children not only in Turkey but in the countries of all participants as well.”

The Conference is being held in Turkey as a result of the strong committed by the Government of Turkey in sharing good practices and knowledge in the area of child health, development and protection.

UNICEF Turkey Representative, Dr. Ayman Abulaban, said: “The fact that this important event is being hosted by Turkey today is not a coincidence. Turkey’s remarkable progress in reducing maternal, infant and child mortality is recognized. I look forward to the outcomes of this conference, towards continuing our dialogue and exploring further practical steps in strengthening the cooperation between UNICEF and Turkey in promoting and ensuring highest standards in health, development and protection of children. “

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