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Turkmenistan marks World Immunization Week

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 23 April 2012 – Turkmenistan has joined the world in marking the seventh European Immunization Week proving its commitment to sustain the fully owned national immunization programme. Celebrated annually, the Week aims at increasing vaccination coverage by drawing attention to and increasing awareness of the importance of immunization, with a special focus on vulnerable groups. This year, European Immunization Week is taking place simultaneously with immunization weeks in all other regions of the world, marking the first ever World Immunization Week.

The 2012 World Immunization Week, globally led by the World Health Organization, takes place from 21 to 27 April and emphasizes the critical role frontline health workers play in ensuring the success of national immunization programmes. The latest study shows that parents and caregivers receive children’s health related information and advice from primary health workers in Turkmenistan, making them the most important source of information for health decisions. The Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan places a strong emphasis on developing the capacity of medical professionals to strengthen technical knowledge and stay abreast of global vaccination trends.  

For the 2012 World Immunization Week the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry with support from UNICEF has distributed 10,000 immunization calendars to health houses throughout Turkmenistan and has prepared a special issue of the Health TV show for parents on immunization focusing on the impact of vaccination on early childhood development.

In the framework of the World Immunization Week, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry established special hotline services in health houses; contests on knowledge of new vaccines are organized among vaccinators, medical students and professors; TV and radio spots are broadcast and articles are published in media; “healthy life style and vaccination” lessons are organized in schools and awareness sessions are carried out for pregnant women. 

For more information on World Immunization Week, please visit the special WHO in English or Russian

For more information please contact:

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UNICEF Communication for Development Officer

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