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The Seventh European Immunization Week kicks off

GENEVA, 21 April 2012 — The seventh European Immunization Week (EIW) will be held kicked off today highlighting the crucial role of front line health workers. All 21 countries in CEECIS with UNICEF offices are taking part in this initiative.

European Immunization Week promotes the core message that immunization of every child is vital to prevent diseases and protect life. The slogan – Prevent. Protect. Immunize – carries this message across the Region. The goal of European Immunization Week is to increase vaccination coverage by raising awareness of the importance of immunization. 

  • At a time and in a Region where most people can access vaccines, the focus must now be on making sure the demand for vaccines remains high.
  • Complacency about vaccination leads to outbreaks, as evidenced by measles outbreaks that have spread across the Region
  • European Immunization Week 2012 provides an opportunity to raise awareness about immunization, thereby rebuilding the demand for it.
  • By helping health workers, policy makers and parents understand that vaccines are lifesaving and necessary for the health and wellbeing of both the individual and the community, we can prevent future outbreaks and the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, protect the people of the European Region from serious and sometimes fatal illness.

More information is available on WHO’s European Immunization campaign site

This year we are also uniting countries across the globe for a week of vaccination campaigns, public education and information sharing under the umbrella of World Immunization Week.





Twitter chat

Ask the experts: live Twitter chat for European Immunization Week

Experts from WHO/Europe will answer your questions about immunization during a live Twitter chat on Thursday 26 April 2012, from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC/GMT (16:00-17:00 CEST/Paris time).

As part of the activities during European Immunization Week 2012, topics under discussion include:

- the vital role of frontline health workers
- measles eradication in Europe
- maintaining the polio-free status of the WHO European Region.

How to send questions?

Send your questions in the form of tweets to @WHO_Europe, using the hashtag #immunizeEurope. If you are unable to join the live chat, you may leave questions for the experts on our Facebook page. After the live chat, a summary of the discussions will be available on Storify.


Follow Oya Afsar, Regional Immunization Specialist, on updates on European Immunization Week 2012. You will need to register at the European Immunization Week Campaign Website. 



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