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Uzbekistan crisis: latest from UNICEF

© UNICEF/SWZK00320/UNICEF Tashkent
Girls from the Ferghana Valley


UNICEF says that children have no place in the continuing unrest in Uzbekistan. UNICEF is calling on everyone to ensure that children are kept well away from the violence and asking all authorities to ensure that children can move to safety if necessary.

UNICEF Representative Reza Hosseini is travelling to Andijan today as part of a joint UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO team leaving Tashkent this morning. 

Like everyone else, UNICEF faces difficulties in getting reliable information. The UN agency has no information on the number of children (if any) among Friday's casualties.

However, all schools in and around Andijan are reported to be closed.  Schools are an essential part of any attempt to get things back to normal, and give children a feeling of stability and security.

UNICEF Uzbekistan is in discussions with the Ministry of Health re. a possible emergency response and is in close contact with the UNICEF Supply Division in Copenhagen, which stands ready to respond as needed.


The UN has set up a Crisis Management team with UNHCR as the lead agency. The team is monitoring the situation and drawing up a possible response. UNHCR and ICRC sent an initial assessment team to the border area on Saturday and there will be a UN Country Team meeting  on their findings today (Tuesday, 17 May).

UNICEF is already in discussions with UNHCR  on follow-up in depth assessment as soon as these initial  findings come through. 

UNICEF has provided UNHCR in Jalalbad with 100 Hygiene Kits (including such items as soap) and  kitchen and household sets for the refugees.

UNICEF Offices in neighbouring countries have been asked to identify any resources that they can spare if needed (including personnel) and its Supply Division in Copenhagen is ready to respond to any needs in Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Uzbekistan itself.

For more information:

Angela Hawke, Communication Officer, UNICEF CEE/CIS: (+4122) 909 5433



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