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Update on the Flood Situation in Romania

UNICEF Romania

Date: 9 May, 2005
Subject:  Update on the Flood Situation in Romania.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu declared in a press conference on May 5, 2005 that according to the latest estimations, the floods destroyed some 653 houses and damaged another 3,700, most of them in Timis County. Some 115,000 hectares of land have been affected.

Timis County has been the most affected among all the counties. According to a report by Timis County Council. As on May 6 2005 the situation was as follows:
• 25 small towns and villages were affected
• 92,456 ha of land flooded
• 2,768 evacuated people
• 1,043 isolated people
• 3,146 flooded buildings
• 37 damaged buildings
• 732 destroyed buildings
• 4 county roads affected
• 5 people deceased of natural causes

The Romanian Authorities’ Response:
• As the waters are slowly receding, the Banat Inspectorate for Emergency Situations continues the operations of removing the dead animals and of saving the ones still alive. Efforts are made to prevent the appearance of epidemics. All operations are supervised by veterinarians and volunteers from NGOs.
• The Ministry of Health took 16,000 shots of vaccine from the state reserve for emergency situations for the people in the flooded areas. These are considered enough to prevent any possible epidemics that may appear after the waters withdraw. The vaccine shots sent to Timis County are of several types: anti-hepatitis A inactivated (2,300 for adults and 2,100for children), DPT (4,000 for adults, 800 for children), anti-typhus inactivated (200 shots), antitetanic (6,246 for adults and 428 for children). According to the information received from the Ministry of Health, some 7,000 people were vaccinated by the end of last week.
• The local authorities seek new locations to transfer people to, such as hotels or pensions. So far, the affected population had to sleep in schools, churches or other places that did not meet proper hygienic conditions.
• The local authorities in the affected counties say there are enough donations in clothing and food and ask the donors to cease any collection of such items. On the other hand, donations in building materials are welcome, for the reconstruction of the damaged houses and roads.

Other responses:
• 25 giant pumps arrived from Hungary to help remove the waters. With the help of these pumps, the waters are expected to withdraw within 2 weeks so that all the people may come back to their villages. Also in 2 weeks’ time the reconstruction of the affected and destroyed houses is expected to start.

On May 7 and 8, 2005, heavy rains have fallen on the entire territory of Romania. According to a report by The Ministry of Environment and Waters Management (MMGA) on May 8, the situation was as follows:
• 99 small towns and villages in 15 counties were affected
• 2,515 ha of fertile land and 1,736 ha of woods were flooded
• 742 houses and 1,161 annexes were damaged
• 1 person was missing
• 16 fountains could no longer be used. 



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