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Ministry of Health of Ukraine, UNICEF and advertising agencies unite to protect children from infectious diseases

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Ukraine, 5 July 2010 – A social advertising campaign on the protection of children against infectious diseases was presented in Kyiv. Ministry of Health of Ukraine, UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the number of advertising agencies and associations supported vaccination in Ukraine.

Average Ukrainian lives 9 years less because of infectious disease. More than seven thousand children died in Ukraine in 2008. Among them there are children who died because of meningococcal disease, rotavirus infection, tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, rabies, viral hepatitis. These deaths could be prevented by vaccination.

Vaccination - is the most effective live saving worldwide practice. Due to successful vaccination, smallpox was eradicated all over the world. In North and South American continents measles and rubella also were eliminated. In 2000, 135 countries eliminated neonatal tetanus through immunization of women of childbearing age. The annual death rate from this disease worldwide has decreased by 75%.

Commenting on the situation that prevailed in the country surrounding the population’s vaccination, First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasyl Lazoryshynets said: "Given the unwillingness of separate people to vaccinate we violate the right of millions of citizens of Ukraine to preserve and strengthen health. We lay the foundations for the emergence of serious consequences of infections - male and female sterility, early childhood diabetes as a result of mumps and rubella and liver cancer - as result of the hepatitis B, C, etc

According to Mr. Lazoryshynets, parents' refusal to vaccinate can cause regrowth of morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases. "We should not forget that most parents were vaccinated in their childhood and have got specific immunity to many diseases, but now they unduly expose their children at risk. In 21 century every child has the right to live without controlled infections. Vaccination may prevent suffering, disability, death, on average, 2 million people worldwide every year ", - stressed Dr. Lazoryshynets.

"Today we managed to unite government, international organizations, advertising sector in order to restore trust in immunization in Ukraine," said UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokuo during a press conference. "As mother, I’m calling to all Ukrainian parents who doubt immunization: vaccination is the most effective protection against infections and diseases. Do not let diseases damage life and development of your child," stressed Yukie Mokuo.

As part of awareness campaign on protection against infectious diseases dissemination of the information on vaccination through radio and television is planned, as well as distribution of educational materials in health facilities. A number of advertising agencies, including Michurin, Tviga, ML Group, Dialla, Kaffeine Communications joined the information campaign and developed materials, including posters and outdoor advertising on pro bono basis. The Association of the outdoor advertising of Ukraine and Social Advertising Market of Ukraine also supported the campaign.

For more information, please contact:

UNICEF Ukraine Communication Section
Tel.: 230 -25 -14

Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Tel.: 253 - 69 -75




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