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UNICEF Bulgaria launches the first national early childhood development campaign

© UNICEF Bulgaria / 2009
Octavian Bivol, UNICEF Representative in Bulgaria, (CENTRE) and supporters at the campaign launch in Sofia.

SOFIA, Bulgaria - 23 June 2009

UNICEF’s new communication campaign for early childhood development “The silence today bears the cries of tomorrow” was launched officially today. It aims at raising awareness on the importance of the first 3 years in children’s development and stimulating meaningful communication with children during this period.

Mrs. Virginia Zdravkova, designer; Mr. Stefan Vuldobrev, artist; Mr. Georgi Enchev, singer; Dr. Maria Trifonova, psychologist Institute of Psychology to Bulgarian Academy of Siences and Mr. Octavian Bivol, UNICEF Representative in Bulgaria explained the concept and the importance of ECD and good parenting.

The main message of the “The silence today bears the cries of tomorrow” campaign is that every day is important and valuable. Communication with the child during the first three years builds his/her attitudes towards world. “Whether the child will respond with “I hate you” or “I love you” in the future, depends on our overall relationship with the child during his/her early years”, said Mr. Octavian Bivol, UNICEF Representative in Bulgaria.

Dr. Maria Trifonova defined early childhood as “an age in which the child is an active participant and an active explorer. He/she gets to know his/her abilities, forms his/her identity and self- perception.” She addressed parents and all people involved in raising children, with the message to “do their best”. Dr. Trifonova added: “The first 3 years are extremely important for a child’s development, since the connections between neurons develop most actively. About 70 % of children in Bulgaria are brought up in families. For this reason the campaign is aimed at good parenting.”

© UNICEF Bulgaria / 2009
Press conference at the launch of the ECD campaign in Bulgaria

As mother and supporter of UNICEF campaign, the famous designer Virginia Zdravkova shared: “As a parent. I have one of the most wonderful professions in the world, to educate one more human being. With the birth of a child, every parent embarks on a long journey and certainly needs a guide.” The artist Stefan Vuldobrev expressed his commitment with the goals of the campaign by saying: “As an actor, I would pay particular attention to the words we use in communicating with our children.” As an answer to the slogan of the campaign “The silence today bears the cries of tomorrow”, the singer Georgi Enchev dedicated a song to his son called “I love you”. The song will be launched at the end of the summer as part of the campaign.

Early child development is embedded in the key priorities and actions of the National Strategy for the child 2008-2018, adopted by resolution of the National Assembly of Bulgaria. In a partnership with the government and the local authorities, UNICEF will work for the creation of integrated policies and models, supported with budgets, which guarantee the best start in life for every child in Bulgaria.

For more information, please contact:

Tzvetelina Bonova
Commucation Officer
UNICEF Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 2 96 96 207
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