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UNICEF Global Capacity Development Programme on Child-Friendly Schools

Geneva, Switzerland 27 – 30 April, 2009

Education experts from nine different countries from the CEE/CIS region are meeting the week 27th – 30th of April, 2009 in Geneva to discuss and determine what it takes to make school child-friendly in effort to provide a quality education for all girls and boys. The four day workshop is part of the Global Capacity Development Programme of Child-Friendly Schools (CFS), developed by the UNICEF Education section in New York that is being rolled out in all regions around the world.

The global CFS programme is designed to provide practical guidance on advocating for and supporting the mainstreaming of CFS. It gives a set of information and tools to create and strengthen child friendly learning environments for all children in all circumstances. The programme builds on investments and global commitments that governments have already made to achieve education goals, including the establishment of quality standards.

The regional workshops are a major step in assessing governments to strengthen national capacity in creating child-friendly standards. UNICEF Global Capacity Development Programme of Child-Friendly Schools workshop has the following three main objectives:

  • Strengthen understanding of CFS concept and its multidimensional coverage of quality
  • Improve the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate CFS standards into plans and priorities for education at the country level
  • Provide practical guidance on advocating for and supporting mainstreaming of CFS into national policies and standards

Workshop participants (about 50) include government experts, NGO representatives as well as UNICEF Education Specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Turkey and Uzbekistan.



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