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UNICEF and KMB BANK start art therapy project for vulnerable children

MOSCOW, Russian Federation - 3 February 2009

KMB Bank and UNICEF launch a joint charitable project “The Art School” aimed to provide assistance to vulnerable children living in shelters and social rehabilitation centers. On January 27, 2009 the first lesson for children took place in the Museum of Fine Arts, and on January 30, 2009 – in the State Hermitage Museum.

The aim of this pilot art-therapy project is to provide psychological assistance to children in stress, frequently caused by their family crisis. Children from Moscow and Saint Petersburg take part in this project.

The target programme is being held in the greatest museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg , the Museum of Fine Arts (named after A.S. Pushkin) and the State Hermitage Museum. During the first stage of “The Art School” project, the leading fine art experts of the two Museum will give creative drawing classes for  children from the “Krasnoselsky” socio-rehabilitation center in Moscow and the “Nadezhda” shelter in Saint Petersburg. In the framework of these lessons the children will learn about museums’ exhibitions. Also Some master classes are also scheduled, to be held as well as several demonstration lessons in which famous actors and musicians will participate.

“In the first few minutes of the lesson teachers managed to involve children in active creative work. “The children were so excited and enthusiastic.  For many of them it was the first time they had ever visited a museum”, - said Anna Koudria, UNICEF project coordinator. – It is important for us not only to attract children to the beauty, but also help them to overcome this very difficult period in their life”.

Application of art-therapy methods facilitates the improvement of children’s self-esteem, allows them to reduce stress and accept the situation in which they currently are. According  to UNICEF experts, this technique is one of the most efficient methods of rehabilitation of children in crisis. The programme also trains the pedagogues of the social institutions’ on art-therapy methods so that they will be able to continue this work with children independently, even after the project has finished.

Participants of this joint UNICEF – KMB Bank project from Moscow and Saint Petersburg will be visiting museums monthly, practicing drawing weekly, aswell as studying Art  History .

Based on the results of this project a textbook for teachers and educators will be developd which can be used for their future work with children.

For additional information please contact:

Anna Kochineva, UNICEF Communication Officer
Phone  (495) 937-4812, 8 (916) 238-0154



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