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Day 1 - 27 September 2011

Session 1 – Opening Remarks

  • Steven Allen, Regional Director, UNICEF Regional Office for CEECIS
    English version

Session 2 – Status of Implementation of UNCRPD – Challenges and opportunities

  • UNCRPD’s implementation: challenges and opportunities for UNICEF by Rosangela Berman-Bieler, Senior Advisor of Children with Disabilities, UNICEF Headquarters
    English version - Russian version

Session 3 – Most recent findings on disability

Session 4 – Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in CEECIS

  • The Right to Education of Children with Disabilities in CEECIS by Gerison Lansdown, International Children’s Rights Consultant, Founder and Director of the Child’s Rights Alliance for England, UK
    English version - Russian version

Session 5 – Legal frameworks and policy

  • “Schools for All” as educational reform by Ricardas Alisauskas, Head of Bureau of Strategic Programmes, Lithuania
    English version - Russian version 
  • Cross-sectoral/ministerial approach to legislation and policy making for Inclusive Education by Valentin Crudu, Chief of Preschool, Primary, and General Secondary Education, Ministry of Education, Republic of Moldova
    English version - Russian version
  • State Programme on Inclusive Education in Azerbaijan for 2012-2019 by Gurban Amirov, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Ministers, Azerbaijan
    English version - Russian version

Session 6 – Research and data collection

  • Disability Census and Barriers and Accommodations Index by Adele Furrie, Consultant, Canada
    English version - Russian version
  • Core Issues and Priorities in Qualitative and Quantitative data collection by Verity Donnelly, Project Manager, European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
    English version - Russian version

Session 7 – Definition and classification issues

  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health –Children and Youth by Judith Hollenweger, Zurich University of Teacher Preparation, Switzerland
    English version - Russian version
  • Disability Models and the Capability Approach by Sophie Mitra, Fordham University, USA
    English version - Russian version

Invited Lecture I

  • Inclusive Education and Systemic Reform by Diane Richler, Consultant, Chair of International Disabilities Alliance, and Past-President of Inclusion International
    English version - Russian version







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