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Day 3 - 29 September 2011

Session 12 – Legal frameworks and policy for education reform I (Nordic examples)

  • Sector Reforms on Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Finland by Matti Kuorelahti, University of Oulu, Finland
    English version - Russian version
  • Sector Reforms on Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Norway by Berit Johnsen, University of Oslo, Norway
    English version - Russian version

Session 13 – Legal frameworks and policy for education reform II (Italy, EU & EFA)

  • Full inclusion in Italy – a radical reform by Alfredo Camerini, Faculty of Sciences of Education, University of Bologna, Italy
    English version - Russian version
  • Inclusive Education in European Countries by Verity Donnelly, Project Manager, European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
    English version - Russian version
  • Education for All as an education reform framework by Natasha Graham, Education Specialist, Education For All – Fast Track Initiative (FTI)
    English version - Russian version

Session 15 – by thematic interest (in addition to those listed above)

Early Childhood Intervention

  • Early Childhood Intervention as a first step towards inclusive education by Elena Kozhevnikova, St. Petersburg Early Intervention Institute, Russian Federation
    English version - Russian version
  • Recent Findings and Resources for early Childhood Intervention Programs by Deborah Parrish, Vice President for the Education, Human Development and the Workforce Program, American Institutes for Research, USA 
    English version - Russian version
  • Early Childhood Intervention and Early Rehabilitation System in the Republic of Belarus by Larissa Bogdanovich, UNICEF Belarus
    English version - Russian version

Financing and School Management Models

Research and Data Collection

Pedagogy and Teacher Preparation

  • Some reflections on Inclusive education: Teacher Preparation, by Prof. Dr. Simon Haskell, Switzerland
    English version - Russian version
  • Подготовка педагогов для инклюзивного образования, by Vitaly Rubtsov, Rector of the Moscow Psych-Pedagogical University, Russian Federation
    Russian version

Communication, social mobilization and advocacy

  • Youth Unified Sports: young people with and without intellectual disability in school-based sports teams by Martha Jo Braycick, Director of Organizational Development, Foundations and Public Institutions
    English version - Russian version

Coordination and inter-sectoral partnerships







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