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3. Outcome-based planning: Decentralisation and education financing

As education systems across Central Asia continue to decentralise, governments are increasingly called upon to reform education financing mechanisms to be more responsive to the needs at the local level and to mazimize efficiency. Reforming public financing management systems is an enormous undertaking that raises key questions about the implications and the meaning of optimizing financing systems. This session aims to address those questions through presentations of basic concepts, and successes and failures in public finance reform from the CEE/CIS region. The desired outcome of the session is an identification of three to five major points for action.

Background document:

  • 'Fiscal Decentralisation and Public Financial Management Reforms in Central Asia:  Challenges and Opportunities,' by Laurie Joshua, Expert on public financing management and Social Policy (English) (Русский)


  • 'Fiscal Decentralisation and Public Finance Management Reforms in Central Asia: Challenges and Opportunities', Laurie Joshua, Expert on public financing management and Social Policy (English)

  • 'Supporting Education Quality through Public Finance Planning in Central Asia', Creative Associates, Inc - Tajikistan (English)

  • 'The FTI Experience in Tajikistan: Progress Achieved with MTEF for Education,' Ministry of Education Tajikistan (English)




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