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Roma children

Roma children

Roma children in all countries across Europe are at risk of experiencing the systematic violation of their rights reflected in severe poverty and marginalisation, discrimination and the denial of equal access to services and of equal opportunities in society. Policies are rarely ‘in the best interest’ of the Roma child and the voices of Roma children and young people are often not taken into account.

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Downlad posters here emphasizing positive potrayals during early childhood can have a lasting impact in life.

Early Childhood Development

As for all children, the early years are critical for the development of Roma children. Children’s early development is determined by supportive family and community child care practices, appropriate nutrition and health care, quality learning opportunities, and protection from risk. Child friendly policies and supportive services for young children and their families are essential to provide the necessary enabling environment. When fathers and mothers are aware, encouraging and involved, children do better and have a more positive attitude towards school and in life.

Other themes such as education, child protection, nutrition, social inclusion are also discussed here.





Roma Children

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