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Conference on inclusive education for children with disabilities in CEECIS

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In Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, children with disabilities continue to be marginalized. Hundreds of thousands of children with disabilities are in institutions, or at home, and remain out of school. While children from marginalized groups, in general, continue to lack appropriate and high quality education, children with disabilities, often receive no education at all.

To address this issue, a conference took place in Moscow on 27-29 September 2011

Twenty countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Russian Federation, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, USA ) took part, as well as representatives from the Council of Europe, the European Agency for Development of Special Needs Education, and Special Olympics.


UNICEF Regional Office for CEECIS, UNICEF Russia Federation with the support of the Moscow City Government.


Desired outcomes:

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Day 1 - 27 September 2011
Presentations from Day 1 - 27 September 2011

Day 2 - 28 September 2011
Presentations from Day 2 - 28 September 2011

Day 3 - 29 September 2011
Presentations from Day 3 - 29 September 2011



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President Medvedev replies to children with disabiltiies - Moscow Forum on Inclusive Education organised by UNICEF

President Medvedev of the Russian Federation provided a factual and detailed reply to calls made through social media by children participating in the Moscow Inclusive Education Forum organized by UNICEF and NGO Perspektiva, under the auspices of the Moscow Municipality in September 2011. To read his reply, click here

In May 2012, The Russian Federation ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Read more.

Update - 19 December 2011


Conference documents

Latest agenda (in PDF)

List of participants (in PDF)

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Children's conference

Click here for more information on how children and young people with and without disabilities are reporting and expressing their opinions about the topic.

Children's agenda (in Russian)

Children's agenda (in English)

Background paper

Click the PDF link below to download the background note "The right of children with disabilities to education: A rights based approach to inclusive education"
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