Day of General Discussion on Children without Parental Care 2005

Moldova 2004: A baby at the Centre for Temporary Placement of Young children in the capital, Chisinau. UNICEF is working to prevent child institutionalisation and has initiated the creation of Maternal Centres in Moldova.

At its 37th session, the Committee on the Rights of the Child decided to devote its 2005 day of general discussion to the subject of "Children without parental care" in order to improve implementation of the Convention on this topic and identify practical solutions and steps for ensuring that the rights of children living without parental care are respected.

The discussion day took place on Friday 16th September at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and attracted some 250 participants from civil society organisations and government departments as well as young people.

The following regional documents have been submitted by UNICEF for the 2005 Day of General Discussion:

UNICEF statement [PDF]
delivered by Alexandra Yuster, Senior Advisor, Child Protection

Survey on Child Abuse in Residential Care Institutions in Romania
Introduction [pdf] Chapter I [pdf]  Chapter II [pdf]  Chapter III [pdf]

Study of Institutionalised Children in Azerbaijan: Children's Rights and Possibilities of De-institutionalisation Reform [word]

Tool for Analytical Review of State Accountability to Protect Children from Violence in Care, in Juvenile Justice and in the Education System (Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence Against Children) [pdf]

Childcare System Reform in Romania [pdf]

The Situation od Child Abandonment in Romania [pdf]

Flow Model Institutionalised Children in Romania and the Determining Variables [pdf]

Republic of Moldova: Life Skills Education for Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings

Evaluation report [pdf] 



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