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Communication for Development (C4D)


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A woman with a sleeping baby learns about infant nutrition, in a baby-friendly space in the Kobe refugee camp

Once the strategy is in place, the next step is to create an effective work plan. The primary task of this phase is to ensure that all the activities are logically planned and consistent with the overall process.

Communication components or outputs will be strategically selected and adapted to achieve each communication objective. Outputs must be tangible and measurable products with direct and beneficial effects on the objectives they support. The messages, materials and trainings will be developed through continued involvement of the communities. All activities will be focused on creating an environment supportive of the communication objectives.

Examples of outputs include:

  • Mobilization of communities to dialogue and support desired changes in individual behaviours and social norms
  • Dissemination of mass-media and interpersonal communication materials
  • Training of interpersonal communicators such as peer educators, health workers, teachers and young people  
  • Orientation and mobilization of a wide range of media professionals especially at the sub-national level
  • Entertainment-Education such 'Masqaraboz Tozavoy', the clown, who teaches children , how to wash hands
  • Initiation of the monitoring and reporting scheme. Successful implementation requires constant measurement with a high degree of responsive adjustments to build on successes and overcome challenges

Example Campaign
UNICEF India - End Sexual Violence: It Starts With Me



Field Examples

Religious leaders meet to end HIV stigma and discrimination - India - 2014

To Speak, To Be Heard - Mozambique

Theatre staged to win No-Malaria game - Burundi

Campaign Against Prejudice - Bosnia and Herzegovina - video

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