18 August 2022

A historic milestone in achieving gender parity in UNICEF

For the first time ever, UNICEF is within the gender parity threshold (47/53 per cent) of the United Nations. Women hold more than 48 per cent of the Organization's senior (P5) level positions. The results were reported within less than two years since UNICEF launched a set of temporary special measures to achieve gender parity at the senior level…, Achievements in a challenging environment, Over the last decade, the challenge to grow the proportion of women at the P5 level  remained persistent. P5, a rank that - across the UN system - is equivalent to a position as Chief of Section, is widely considered the first senior management level. Despite having reached parity in lower and higher levels, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the…, The context that triggered action, Different factors led UNICEF to take action. First, the special measures was part of the implementation of the  EDGE Action Plan 2022-2024 on gender equality at the workplace . Second, the decision followed the guidance coming from the  UN System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity . In addition, the measures aligned with our effort to eliminate gender…, What we learned, While the special measures have been instrumental in reaching gender parity, they have contributed in other ways to building a more inclusive UNICEF. During this time, we learned how pervasively gender biases are present in recruitment processes, how to tackle them proactively, and how important it is to conduct talent outreach that is directed to…, How to make change sustainable, While UNICEF has just been re-certified with the EDGE standard of gender equality at the workplace , the process identified important gender gaps in the perception of employees around issues related to the workplace. In certain areas, women reported lower satisfaction than men., Striving to do more and do better, Responding to this data, UNICEF's new Action Plan envisions changes to our family-related policies, investments in the capacity-building of our staff, and tailored talent management initiatives, among other actions. We will continue to monitor perceptions of unfairness and bias in talent management, and create opportunities for feedback from…
22 June 2022

UNICEF provides reasonable accommodation for job candidates and personnel with disabilities

Fingers on a braille document Ensuring equal opportunities in our application processes is a central consideration for UNICEF. The provision of reasonable accommodation for job applicants, candidates and employees with disabilities is a step in that direction., What is reasonable accommodation, "Reasonable accommodation" means the necessary and appropriate modifications and adjustments to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.  In the UNICEF workplace, reasonable accommodation is pivotal to ensure that candidates and employees with disabilities can…, How can job candidates request reasonable accommodation?, UNICEF offers reasonable accommodation for job candidates during the recruitment process. Job applicants can disclose their disability and accommodation needs in the application form, which will be seen by the recruiter. If you are a candidate that has been shortlisted for a position at UNICEF and you need accommodation during the hiring process (…, UNICEF is striving to be a disability inclusive organization, UNICEF DHR In the video message, Hannan Sulieman, UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director for Management, presents our approach towards reasonable accommodation and the rights of employees with disabilities at UNICEF >Learn more about UNICEF’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion