18 August 2023

UNICEF's humanitarian workers in the world's toughest emergencies

Humanitarian action is at the core of UNICEF's work. Our staff is on the ground before, during, and after emergencies, working to reach children and families with life-saving support. UNICEF's humanitarians deliver child-centered response in the world's toughest humanitarian crises. Humanitarians around the world work tirelessly to save lives and…, Yemen, "I believe in the power of change and doing my best, because every action we do can make a difference in a child's life. Being with UNICEF, is a way of life not a job. We live by our core values and do our best to advocate for a better life for every child." Jinan Ramadan - Emergency Specialist, UNICEF Yemen Jinan Ramadan, Emergency Specialist…, Niger, "I enjoy the moments I spend with young people. I try to understand their aspirations and to contribute to achieving them because I like to remember that I was like them not so long ago. And when I walk into a classroom and see the smile of a little girl or boy, my day is fulfilled." Patricia Safi Lombo - Chief, Education, UNICEF Niger UNICEF/…, Mexico, "The best part of my day? Being on the southern border of Mexico supporting local governments so that their actions benefit and protect children; seeing girls and boys happy, knowing that the work I do, I do it for them - definitely PRICELESS" Diego Morales Govea - Emergency Officer, UNICEF Mexico A young man gives high five to a child in fron of…, Haiti, "When I see the joy on the faces of the kids in the newly constructed classrooms, it signifies how much UNICEF cares - and this makes me keep climbing those mountains" Vesselle Yarkpazuo - Construction Manager, UNICEF Haiti A man standing among children wearing backpacks in front of a school Vesselle Yarkpazuo, Uganda, “I am proud to be part of a team that ensures the inclusion of children with disabilities in the education system and that they have access to learning that enables them to achieve their full potential.” Esther Akwii - Education Officer, UNICEF Uganda UNICEF/UN0849154/Hugh Rutherford, Burkina Faso, "I have been in the humanitarian field for 7 years helping children access care. We face many challenges in terms of humanitarian access but we are always thinking about strategies to reach vulnerable communities." Madeleine Zabre - Programme Specialist, UNICEF Burkina Faso Woman wearing UNICEF branded cap and smiling engages with children and…, South Sudan, "The crisis in South Sudan has protracted into a deepening children’s crisis. I work to make sure that our efforts provide the crisis-affected children with safe, protective spaces." Yosef Elgadal - Reports Officer, UNICEF South Sudan Man wearing cyan blue cap that reads UNICEF surrounded by young boys looking at the camera and smiling Yosef…
04 May 2022

War in Ukraine - "Allowing children to be children again"

Gregor von Medeazza served as Emergency Coordinator for the Ukraine Refugee Response in the Republic of Moldova. He has been with UNICEF for 13 years, and the last 3 and a half, he is the Deputy Representative (Programme) in UNICEF's Namibia Country Office. Here, he talks about his work - and the poignant moments when children are safe again after…, UNICEF’s immediate response, I would divide our work and the refugee situation in Moldova into two phases. In the first days of the war, the number of refugees was very high, peaking at 30,000 people entering the country every day. The first priority was to immediately dispatch emergency supplies and provide initial humanitarian assistance to refugee children and families,…, Safe at last: allowing children to be children again, In my own experience, the Blue Dot is a place where children can be safe for the first time after sometimes traumatic experiences and often an extremely stressful escape. For children, Blue Dots provide a safe, warm, welcoming space to rest and play, at a time when their world has been abruptly turned upside down in fear and panic, and they are…, Leaving no one behind, In the largest Refugee Accommodation Center in Moldova, MoldEXPO, I met a Roma family with five children under the age of twelve. Ezmeralda, the mother, told us that their family was struggling with a legal issue. They didn't have the proper paperwork needed to cross the border into the EU. They had walked and hitchhiked hundreds of miles to get…, A small country, enormous solidarity, The war in Ukraine is an unbearable tragedy, and a child protection disaster. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and now has the highest per capita rate of refugees. Despite the dire situation, it is uplifting to see the solidarity and compassion with which Moldova, its people and the thousands of volunteers involved have been welcoming the…, Read the latest on Ukraine, Read the latest on UNICEF's response to the crisis in Ukraine , or  learn more about the Blue Dots Access the latest data and figures on refugee situation in Ukraine