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UNICEF Cambodia 2016- 2018 country programme communication package



2018: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children: A Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’S Child Protection Programme in Cambodia


Full report: Volume I and Volume II
- Executive Summary: Khmer
- Evaluation Brief: Khmer and English
Presentation of the final report: Khmer and English

About this report:

Type of evaluation: Formative Evaluation
Language: English
Keywords:UNICEF Cambodia Evaluation: Child Protection - Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’s Child Protection Programme In Cambodia
Date published: 28 September 2018
Pages: Volume I, 91 pages; Volume II, 166 pages

UNICEF Cambodia’s Child Protection Programme 2016-2018 aimed to achieve the outcome that “by 2018, girls and boys vulnerable to and exposed to violence and those separated from their family, or at risk of separation, are increasingly protected by the institutional and legislative frameworks, quality services, and a supportive community environment.” The Programme has taken a system-strengthening approach at the levels of national and sub-national institutions; service providers; and children, families and communities.

Further, the objective of the evaluation was to provide evidence that can help strengthen performance and accountability with UNICEF’s work with the Royal Government of Cambodia and the myriad other authorities and organizations involved in child protection. The evaluation has reconstructed the theory of change, reviewed results of the Programme, assessed UNICEF’s leadership in the sector and examined linkages between outputs. The primary users of the evaluation are mainly UNICEF and the Government.

For more information, download the full report, Volume I and Volume II



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