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UNICEF Cambodia 2016- 2018 country programme communication package



2018: Outcome Evaluation of the Education Capacity Development Partnership Fund


- Full report: Volume I and Volume II
- Evaluation Brief: Khmer and English
- Presentation of the final report
Evaluation Booklet: Khmer and English

About this report:

Type of evaluation: Outcome Evaluation of the Education Capacity Development Partnership Fund
Language: English
Keywords: UNICEF Cambodia Evaluation--Evaluation of the Education Capacity 
Development Partnership Fund Phase I and II in Cambodia
Date published: 23 February 2018
Pages: Volume I 80 pages Volume II 227 pages

This report goes over findings, conclusions and recommendations of the independent Evaluation of the Education Capacity Development Partnership Fund Phase I and II that was commissioned by the Capacity Development Partnership Fund (CDPF) Steering Committee Secretariat, comprised of the Directorate General of Planning and Policy of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Cambodia, and undertaken by an external evaluation firm, Lattanzio Advisory, from July 2017 to February 2018.
The Outcome areas of the current CDPF Phase II are (i) to develop evidence-based policies based on research and comprehensive dialogue; (ii) to strengthen results-oriented planning, policy and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) at all levels; (iii) to ensure that Government financing is based on equity and quality and is ensuring financial accountability; (iv) to efficiently deploy and manage personnel (MoEYS and teachers) through systematic capacity development mechanisms; and (v) to ensure equity in and quality of education service delivery.

The purposes of this evaluation are to (1) Assess the approaches to capacity development, whether outcomes and pathways to achieve results were articulated clearly; (2) Assess the extent to which CDPF has achieved the intended outcomes of building capacities at national and sub-national level; (3) Assess the extent to which CDPF has collaborated and coordinated internally within MoEYS and with external partners; (4) Assess the efficiency of UNICEF financing, management and governance; and (5) Assess the extent to which CDPF built on the use of existing knowledge and practices and identify lessons learned that can inform the CPDF Phase III or similar programmes. 

For more information, download the full report, Volume I and Volume II



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