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The “Booklet Novice Sokha”

© UNICEF Cambodia 2017

The “booklet Novice Sokha” which was launched together with the “curriculum on Buddhist response to violence against children” on 30 October 2017, was developed by the Ministry of Cults and Religion, with support from UNICEF Cambodia and the financial support from Thematic funding. The booklet is developed as a storyline with drawings and aims to enhance the capacities of Cambodian monks to contribute to the prevention and response to violence against children. It will be distributed in pagodas and schools and will also serve as a case study in the textbook on “Buddhist response to violence against children”, which is part of the national Buddhist Education programme.

The booklet has been developed to be easily carried by monks when they are in the communities as a practical tool to raise awareness among children and families to build a community without violence. The booklet is available both in English and Khmer.

Download the booklet in Khmer and English.




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