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The Clinical Handbook: Health Care for Children Subjected to Violence or Sexual Abuse

© ©UNICEF Cambodia/2017


The “Clinical Handbook: Health Care for Children Subjected to Violence or Sexual Abuse” was released by the Ministry of Health in May 2017. The Clinical Handbook was developed by the Ministry of Health with the technical support from UNICEF and the financial support from the Government of Canada through the Together for Girls initiative.

This aims to serve as a guide for all medical practitioners to ensure a prompt and adequate response to child victims of violence or sexual abuse. It provides further guidance on first line support, medical treatment, psychosocial support and referral to key social and legal protection services. It will be also used as a resource manual for capacity development and training in the future. The Ministry of Health has planned to further strengthen capacities of medical practitioners in 25 provinces by providing them with training on the use of the Clinical Handbook.

It is hoped that children who have experienced violence or sexual abuse in Cambodia will receive a better health care response through the effective utilization of this handbook. This will also contribute to the Government of Cambodia’s commitment to reduce 30 per cent of violence against children in the five target provinces.


Download the Clinical Handbook in Khmer and English.




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