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UNICEF Cambodia 2016- 2018 country programme communication package



2016: Joint Formative Evaluation of Child Friendly School Policy Implementation in Cambodia


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- Executive Summary English and Khmer

About this report:

Type of evaluation: Education, Child-Friendly School Policy
Language: English
Keywords: UNICEF Cambodia Evaluation: Education – Child-Friendly School Policy Implementation in Cambodia
Pages: 108 pages

Cambodia was one of the earliest countries in the East Asia and Pacific region to introduce and then adapt the original Child-Friendly School (CFS) framework. While growing, CFS has faced the usual challenges of any innovation going to scale – how to become genuinely institutionalised in the system and internalised by its most important actors so that it can, in fact, achieve what it is meant to achieve.

The purpose of this independent formative evaluation, jointly commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS) and UNICEF was to examine to what extent the CFS Policy has been implemented, with a focus on the internal monitoring and inspection processes of the District Training and Monitoring Teams (DTMTs).

It is found that Cambodia’s national CFS Policy and standardised CFS criteria have been essential in the attempt to mainstream child-friendliness in the education system. But the implementation of the CFS Policy has not yet been fully achieved in terms of either the internalization of its principles and practices in its major stakeholders or the institutionalization of its required mechanisms and structures within the education system.

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