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Support for Child Victims and Witnesses in Legal Processes

Tools for Working with Traumatized Children

Child victims and witnesses often carry significant trauma which can impact their ability to engage with the justice process. It is critical that lawyers and child-advocates are provided with more training on the impact of trauma, and adopt trauma-informed practices in dealing with child victims and witnesses. The guide includes a set of tools on working with traumatized child clients, including how to interview traumatized children.

A Curriculum for a Court Preparation Programme

The court environment can be extremely frightening for children. They often struggle to understand the court process and cope with the stress of giving evidence. A well-planned and thorough court preparation programme is critical to minimising the distress which can a child can feel in participating in the court process, and can help to transform the court experience into a step in the child’s recovery. The Guide includes a set of tools and checklists for lawyers and child advocates for creating a Court Preparation Programme.

Download: English Version | Khmer Version

Booklet for care-givers to understand the court process

To assist child advocates in preparing child victims and witnesses in court, this booklet has been designed to explain to care-givers what happens in court.

Download: English Version | Khmer Version

Booklets to help children understand the court process

To assist lawyers and child advocates better prepare child victims and witnesses for court, easy-to-use, practical tools have been designed to explain to both children and their care-givers what happens in court. This includes a short child’s animation which explains the court process, as well as accompanying booklets specially designed for children and care-givers.

Bona Goes to Court: English Version | Khmer Version

Who’s Who: English Version | Khmer Version  

Checklists of Steps to Prepare the Child in Court

The earlier research[1] study found that child-friendly accommodations were not being consistently adopted in courts, and this often resulted in children feeling fearful and vulnerable. The guide includes a set of checklists for lawyers and non-lawyers on steps which may be taken to ensure that children are protected in each stage of the justice process to the full extent of the law.

Download: English Version | Khmer Version



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