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The Economic Burden of the Health Consequences of Violence Against Children

The ‘Economic Burden of the Health Consequences of Violence Against Children’ report was released by the Government of Cambodia in December 2015 with support from UNICEF. Dr. Xiangming Fang, a global expert in the field, was commissioned to undertake the research. Being the first of its kind in Cambodia, the findings are key to understanding the consequences of childhood violence and the economic costs incurred by the society at large.

The study shows that Cambodia lost at least US$168 million in 2013, or 1.1 per cent of its GDP, as a result of the negative impact of some of the health consequences caused by violence against children. It also shows that loss of productivity attributed to childhood violence in 2013 totalled US$ 83.3 million, accounting for 0.55 per cent of the country’s GDP. The findings of this study emphasizes the need for investment to strength the national child protection system as well as budget allocations and investments in the prevention of and response to violence against children.

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