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UNICEF’s current country programme of cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia 2016- 2018 seeks to ensure all children in Cambodia survive, thrive and reach their full potential, with emphasis on the most disadvantaged children. 

Integrated Early Childhood Development

The aim of this programme is to give children the best start in life. This is achieved by increasing children’s access to birth registration, clean drinking water, improved sanitation, nutritional support, healthcare, quality pre-schooling education and protection during their critical formative years. The programme supports capacity strengthening of local authorities, service providers and caregivers to prioritize actions that promote early childhood development.

Inclusive Quality Education

A quality and inclusive education is central to the achievement of a high standard of schooling for all learners, and the development of more inclusive societies. This approach includes the provision of an education for all children and accommodating and responding to individual needs. This programme focuses on providing an inclusive learning programme for children with disabilities, ethnic minority students and those left off the education radar. 

Child Protection

This programme works to ensure that girls and boys vulnerable and exposed to violence and those separated from their family, or at risk of separation, are increasingly protected by laws and protection services which are enhanced by a supportive community environment. The programme adopts a systems-strengthening approach at the national level and in five target provinces to overcome major barriers causing ineffective functioning of a comprehensive child protection system in Cambodia.

Social Inclusion and Governance

UNICEF supports the Government to implement the decentralization approach from national to local administrators and communities to improve access and quality of social services for all children in Cambodia – particularly the most vulnerable – so equity becomes more widespread. Support is prioritized in developing a social protection strategy that ensures that the most disadvantaged children do not fall through the safety net including during emergency situations.


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