National targets by 2015

• At least 75 per cent of HIV-infected pregnant women receive antiretroviral prophylaxis/ treatment to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission.
• The mother-to-child transmission rate is less than 5 per cent.

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Social Protection for the Vulnerable

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Social Protection for the Vulnerable

Social Protection for the Vulnerable
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Financial barriers are one of the major obstacles preventing poor and vulnerable people from accessing social services in Cambodia. According to the 2014 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey, over 40 per cent of children who dropped out of school mentioned poverty or economic hardship as the main reason for discontinuing their education.

While social protection programmes offered by government and non-government partners do exist, interventions are fragmented, and limited coordination often results in not being able to reach the poorest and most vulnerable families and children. The ‘ID-Poor’ programme—a tool for analysing and targeting social protection programmes—has enabled the Government to improve plans, but requires strengthening to focus on multi-dimensional poverty, not only levels of income, as well as inclusion of children and adults with disabilities.

Since 2015, MEF has been a leader in formulating a new social protection policy framework that brings together all government social protection work under one policy document. This new social protection policy framework aims to strengthen coordination efforts among relevant ministries to deliver and provide social protection. UNICEF is working with the Government to ensure that guidelines designed under this policy framework focus on the needs of the most vulnerable women and children.

What we do

  • Support the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development and MEF to develop a costed national social protection strategy that is child-centred and focuses on the poorest and most vulnerable families and individuals
  • Support to develop a social protection monitoring and evaluation system to improve coordination among ministries
  • Support the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and other social ministries to improve the design and implementation of social protection programmes for vulnerable children
  • Support the Ministry of Planning and the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development to strengthen the existing social protection targeting tool to better identify the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations

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