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Strengthening Children's Learning

Strengthening Children's Learning
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Despite Cambodia’s impressive journey in increasing access to education, improvements in the quality of education have not kept pace with these changes. Issues such as the lack of teacher capability, ineffective instruction methods, and limited community involvement in schools affect children’s ability to learn effectively and achieve their full potential. Poor quality education has taken a toll on pupils’ learning achievements. Less than 50 per cent of pupils in Grades 3, 6, and 9 passed the standardized test on mathematics in school-years 2008/9, 2009/10 and 2013/14.

UNICEF is addressing this issue through a number of interventions. On the quality side, UNICEF is supporting the Government’s Teacher Policy Action Plan to ensure that teachers are properly trained to deliver good quality education. Under this plan, UNICEF is working to upgrade the qualifications of teacher trainers to a Master’s degree so that incoming teacher trainees can receive quality training and work towards raising the standards of the whole education system.

To identify the appropriate ‘diagnosis’ of the challenges in children’s learning, UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to implement the South East Asia Primary Learning Metrics Assessment system in Khmer and Mathematics. Results from the assessment will be used to inform and make adjustments to schooling, ranging from classroom teaching practices to the national curriculum, teacher education and textbooks.

What We Do

  • Provide support to the Government’s teacher development reforms
  • Assist to implement a primary regional assessment system in Mathematics and Khmer to analyse children’s learning outcomes
  • Support to introduce life skills in lower secondary schools to strengthen the quality and relevance of children’s learning



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