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Community Development and Empowerment

Community Development and Empowerment
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Caretakers and families play a critical role in ensuring a child’s safe and healthy development. Yet for most caregivers, access to adequate information and parenting education on children’s development needs is limited.

Appropriate parenting education and communication initiatives can help caregivers adopt practices that increase children’s chances of receiving adequate nutrition, health services, clean water and quality education—services essential for their full development. Some of the causes of malnutrition in Cambodia demonstrate the importance of parenting education. Poor health and nutrition practices in families are major drivers of poor nutritional status among children. 

Research has shown that a lack of knowledge by caretakers of a child’s nutritional requirements is an underlying cause of child illnesses and stunting. 

Good parenting education and communication can lead to enhanced knowledge on children’s development needs and improved childcare practices. It also places caregivers and communities in a better position to effectively manage limited resources and nurture children in a safe environment.

What We Do

  • Support the Government to develop a comprehensive set of communication, and education resources and initiatives on children’s development needs for commune and village development committee members, religious leaders, parents, and caretakers
  • Promote birth registration and positive child development practices, such as interactive caregiving, creating safe environments for children and learning through play and sports
  • Monitor the use of resources for children in communities and disseminates messages on child development through radio and television programmes



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