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Giving birth in Cambodia carries high risks for both the mother and child. Despite progress made in reducing maternal and child mortality at the national level in recent years, some parts of the country are still lagging behind due to the cost of accessing health facilities, staff shortages and poor quality health services.

Maternal, newborn and child deaths can be prevented by improving the implementation of policies and actions. Health care service providers can be key players in narrowing the disconnect between policies and the people they impact by disseminating critical information on children’s development needs to communities and by providing quality care. 

Evidence has shown that improved capacity of community health workers has a significant impact on the lives of women and children. Between 2000 and 2014, the maternal mortality ratio reduced from 472 in every 100,000 live births, to 170 in every 100,000 live births—largely due to the increased percentage of babies being delivered in health centres under the supervision of trained midwives. 

What We Do

  • Strengthen the capacity of service providers, including community workers, to provide nutritional support to children under 5, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and adolescent girls in six selected districts
  • Support the Government to develop an improvement plan for the national immunization supply chain that includes standard operating procedures, guidelines and other supporting tools; provide assistance to implement and monitor the plan 
  • Support conducting an inter-sectoral longitudinal study on the impact of IECD on the survival and development of children



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