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Government of Netherlands
© UNICEF Cambodia/2010/Nicolas Axelrod
Cart pushers cross the bridge that separates the no man's land to the Thai border post, Poipet, Cambodia

In line with international agreements, the Netherlands spends 0.7% of its GNP on development cooperation. The Netherlands strives to improve the effectiveness of the Dutch contribution to achieving the MDGs. Owing partly to reductions in the budget for development cooperation, the government has made a critical assessment of the value added by international organisations, scoring their effectiveness and relevance to Dutch foreign policy according to a points system. On the basis of its score UNICEF, remains central to Dutch international development efforts.

The Government of the Netherlands has supported UNICEF’s work to support the Government of Cambodia in its efforts to build child protection systems that prevent, protect and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse against children.  With Dutch Government support, significant progress was made in improving the policy and legislative framework and strengthening national social work capacity.  Some specific outputs from Dutch support include: 452 persons accused of abuse were prosecuted in court and 989 victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, exploitation and domestic violence (267 of them children) were rescued by police from the Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection (AHTJP).



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