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French Committee for UNICEF

French Committee for UNICEF
© UNICEF Cambodia/2010/Nicolas Axelrod
UNICEF engages religious leaders in supporting vulnerable families and children, including children affected by AIDS.

The French Committee for UNICEF is a non-profit association with more than 6500 volunteers. The association has three main objectives: 1) to raise awareness within the French public of issues faced by children around the world, 2) to raise funds for UNICEF’s work around the world, and, 3) monitor the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The French Committee for UNICEF has supported UNICEF Cambodia with its work in HIV/AIDS. Through the support provided by the French National Committee, UNICEF Cambodia has been able to support 1,036 young people and women (101 injecting and 935 non-injecting drug users) in receiving harm reduction outreach services, and 386 young people and women (50 injecting and 336 non-injecting drug users) receiving drop-in centre services in 2012. The funds from the French committee allowed 4,521 (2,374 boys and 2,147 girls) infected children to receive antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and treated 1,516 infected children (712 boys and 804 girls) for opportunistic infections.  The Buddhist Leadership Initiative (BLI), a faith-based approach to addressing HIV/AIDS, provided care and support to 2,300 adults living with HIV and 1,500 vulnerable children, in 239 (out of 1,658) communes in 10 provinces of the country.



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