World Children's Day: Burundian children reimagine the World

Take a look at Burundian children's talents and dreams!

Donaig Le Du
the earth taking off its mask
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
18 November 2020

For #WorldChildrensDay 2020, UNICEF in Burundi decided to give a voice to some of the children that too often remain voiceless.

We asked partner NGOs that work in the field of Child Protection to organize drawing sessions with the children they support - be them children displaced by natural disasters, children living on the street, children in conflict with the law, or just children who enjoy going to safe spaces to have fun from time to time, to draw the future and the world they want.

We received several drawings, and we're sorry we can't display them all.

In a country like Burundi, too many children suffer from poverty and multiple deprivations.

The world they dream of is a world where there is food on the table, a loving family and the possibility to go to school everyday.

A great reminder of the reason why UNICEF is working hard, in Burundi, #ForEveryChild.


a colorful drawing featuring a cleaner world
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"I want a world without pollution, a world of hope, a world with generations with positive ideas, a world in which we must protect ourselves and where everyone (children, adults and animals) feels happy and breathes fresh air. Thierry, 18
A mother gives food to her children
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"I drew a child studying and a mother feeding her child. Children have the right to eat and go to school" Cynthia, 11
Nature in Burundi
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"If you want to live a bright future you need to live a healthy life" Ardin, 11
scenes from Burundi
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"I want a world where children's rights are respected" Kenny Bruce, 12
children playing
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"Playing is such a great pleasure in children's lives. It takes the problems away" Salim, 14
a man cutting a tree
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"The tree says: Protect me! We need to protect our environment, because when we destroy it, we destroy our lives" Essy, 17 years old.
scenes from life in Burundi
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"The right to education should be granted for every child" Adelphine Ange, 18
children holding hands in front of symbols of different religions
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"Reimagine a world free from discrimination! When we go to school we are all the same, but when we pray it sometimes divides us" Rahma, 18 .
a boy and a girl holding signs
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du
"I want a world where children have the right to live" Aloys, 15
a road, soldiers and a boy
UNICEFBurundi/2020/Le Du