Situation of children in Burundi

January 2023

Children attends a classroom at the Kabondo school, rehabilitated by UNICEF in Kabondo, Bujumbura.


Burundi is a small, landlocked, densely populated country that is classified as a peace-building country with a weak economy and human development. Its population, estimated at 12.8 million, is predominantly rural (85.6%). There are 6 million children under the age of 18 (47% of the total population). In this document you will find key figures on the situation of children by age group, as well as links to key documents :

  • The impact of climate, energy and environment on children and their families in Burundi.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Early Childhood Investments in Burundi.
  • Investment framework for adolescents.



UNICEF Burundi
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